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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Peaceful Puzzles, Peacock in the Woods and Embrace

Peacock in the Woods by Thayer, Embrace by Kinnally, both 442 pieces.  These are laser-cut puzzles, very close to Liberty and well worth trying out. However, fair warning: there is apparently only one cut per style. That is, I chose puzzles without whimsies since I wasn't particularly interested in random (snowflakes, etc.) or religiously themed (not my religion!).  But all the puzzles in each size are cut exactly the same, which makes me a bit sad even though the individual pieces are quirky enough that this fact doesn't give me much help on the next puzzle.  3/5
starting out

Getting there...


starting out

... I got into this one enough that I didn't take any intermediate pictures, which is a good sign

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