About my ratings

Perhaps because of my day job, I'm a tough rater. Everything 3/5 and above I consider worth the time and money.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Nadiezda, Night Ship

Artifact, 283 pieces.  Doubled image meant double hard, despite the presence of some very large whimsies.  4/5

Crazy Quilt

Stave, limited edition, 139 pieces.  It's not on the website any more, but I'm going to call it a Teaser given how hard it was to get right.  I had to redo the center a lot before I got it right, and I'm pretty sure the pictures show some changes at the corners too.  7/10

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Liberty, 507 pieces.  Nice puzzle with a lot of similarly colored areas, making assembly in stages the preferred technique.  There's a dancing bear in the whimsies, as well as a lot of bulb shapes on the pieces which I guess are meant to evoke streamers?  3/5

West Indian Garden, Alex Beard

Liberty, 522 pieces.  This is a fantastic Liberty puzzle, one of the best I've done--the Alex Beard ones seem to turn out well in general.  Very hard but also very rewarding.  5/5

some of the whimsies

A spiderweb!

... aaaand it looks like I didn't take a picture of the very end.  Trust me?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Welcome in London

411 pieces, Mr. Gogo puzzles: Another really tricky one, because of the nearly precise reflections--beautiful. Several multipiece, themed whimsies, of which the palace guard is the cutest (shown in the last picture).  6/10 Stave scale.

Antique mill puzzle

Approx. 400 pieces, unknown cutter.  What an unusual style!  Pieces very tight; some color fading, but still a fun puzzling experience.  3/5

Monday, December 11, 2017

Pull My Strings, Teaser

120 pieces, Stave.  An old favorite, still very difficult--that missing Stave clown silhouette nearly had me convinced I'd lost the correct clown.  9/10