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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Starting a wooden puzzle blog: Artifact, Matte Stephens, Manhattan

This is an experiment for me to share my adventures in wooden jigsaw puzzles.  Today's review is an Artifact puzzle, Matte Stephens, Manhattan (380 pieces).

This is an atypical Artifact--many pieces joined very tightly, rather than loosely, and some even had to be forced.  It made me wonder whether this was produced early on in Artifact's existence, because while the looser fit of other Artifact puzzles can be frustrating when one is trying to move chunks around, overall it's a more pleasant experience once you're used to it than this tighter fitting type was.  Many of the pieces were also relatively large.  Fine, but not fantastic.  3/5.  
NB: I'm a tough grader, and I cut my teeth on Staves, so 3/5 is still time well spent.

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