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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Wheat Field, Van Gogh

400 pieces, Battle Road Press (but says made in England; I suspect Optimago behind it).  I really liked the colors, but there were two pieces missing!  I attempted repairs, about which more below, but I really may need Jigsaw Doctor.  3/5

OK, so the hole is in the middle left side.  I tried wood putty, and that part worked ok, though I did sand down one head a bit too far.  (It's the part on the left that looks like Snoopy's head.) I used a nail file to get in the little corners where sandpaper wouldn't go.  Still, I got it the right thickness and nicely flat.
Here I go

3/10, ok for a first try, but much more work to be done in learning how to shape them.  Now, the picture.  Here is where I went off the rails a bit.  Through a lot of effort (though there's probably a much better way), I got a picture to be the same size as the puzzle, and got it to print out at that size, even though it didn't fit on a conventional piece of paper.  However, I didn't start with a color match, and I didn't try to correct the color as I should have.  The result is a far deeper gold than in the actual puzzle.
And then, I couldn't figure out how to cut the shape out without tearing.  So, 3/10 on the picture element--3 for getting the sizing right.  To work on: color correction.  Then, cutting without ripping.  Anyone with suggestions, please let me know.

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